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World Class Customer Service
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How to deliver World Class Customer Service

Do You Have Employees That Deal With Customers?

Do You Need to Improve the level/quality of Customer Service they provide?

Consider this.

Many times we read or hear about the importance of serving customers well, but poor service is still all too common. Why is this?

It is vital that everyone understands the connection between exceptional customer service and organizational performance. All too frequently customers are treated as ‘disposable’ and their concerns given little real attention. Many times managers are not even made aware of these issues or their prevalence. Other times, front line staff are insensitive to the concerns of customers (especially when it’s "not their job!"), until it becomes a serious problem.

Customer service is not simply about how you handle a customer transaction.

It’s about building a relationship with the people who are an essential part of everything you do.

"World-class" customer service is a commitment to striving to provide "Wow" service.

How To Deliver "World-Class" Customer Service is a 2-3 hour discussion of "best practices", including case studies, role play, and extended Q & A. Participants will be encouraged to present challenges and issues they confront and explore various options available for resolution.

How To Deliver "World-Class" Customer Service, all materials included, is priced at $2195. Travel, and lodging (if necessary) are additional.


This highly interactive program using lots of role-play exercises is jam-packed with practical tips and effective situational responses that can be used right away. So, why wait another day? This event includes the following:

  • A Test for Team Leaders (How do you motivate others?)

  • 17 Essential Qualities of ‘World-Class’ Team Members

  • Critical Habits of a ‘World-Class’ Customer Service Team

  • 10 Deadly Sins of Customer Service

  • What To Do When Things Go Wrong

  • 14 Tips for Calming Upset Customers

  • The Top 10 Common Mistakes Employees Make

  • 13 Tips to Avoid (or Reduce) Conflicts

  • What Behavior Fuels Anger/What Behavior Defuses Anger

  • 15 Mistakes Frontline Staff Make in Talking To Customers

  • Nonverbal Signals That Disrupt/Block Effective Communication & the Resolution of Problems

  • Nine Ways To Thank Customers


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  Training Manual  

Basic Training For Leaders Training Manual

This is a hands-on, easy-to-read user's guide to mastering the skills of leadership. Ideal for workshop or independent study.

Covering such topics as:

  • Planning/Goal Setting
  • Meeting Management
  • Chairing a Committee
  • Team Building
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Preparing/Giving a Speech
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • 125 pages.

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    World Class Customer Service
    How To Defuse Anger
    How To Win Over The Phone
    The Art Of Delegation

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