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Customer Service Institute
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Competition for customers is becoming a fiercely contested battleground. Few organizations will be able to remain competitive by merely having "a better mousetrap". Most will require an improved approach to delivering customer satisfaction, even when everything goes wrong. As a result, Customer Service will be the defining issue for attracting and retaining customers. This remains true regardless of your role or responsibilities in an organization.

You may be a manager of a customer service department, supervising people who interact with customers to help them solve problems. Or you may be a general manager who is concerned with growing your division or company and you want to know more about building long-term relationships with your customers. Or you may be a customer service representative who wants to better understand your role and what you can do to perform your job better. Whoever you are, you will find a seminar here to help you improve how you, your staff, and your organization perform in the crucial area of customer service.

The seminars listed below were developed to meet this increasing need. Peruse our current offerings, but feel free to suggest a modification or a new topic.


Each seminar is a 2-3 hour discussion of ‘best practices’, including case studies, role play, and extended Q & A. Participants will be encouraged to present challenges and issues they confront and explore various options available for resolution.

Each seminar,all materials included, is priced at $2195. Travel, and lodging (if necessary) are additional.

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The Top 10 Practices Of Exceptional Service

It is vital that everyone understands the connection between exceptional customer service and organization performance. All too frequently customers are treated as ‘disposable’ and their concerns given little real attention. Many times managers are not even made aware of these issues or their prevalence. The fact is that being more concerned with profit, procedure, or convenience is at the heart of many problems for organizations. Customer service is not simply about how you handle a customer transaction. It’s about a relationship with people who are an essential part of evrything you do.

Are you underwhelmed by all the mail, calls or comments you receive for providing great customer service? Do some small issues fester and grow increasingly worse due to ineffective handling of a customer concern? How significant are these shortcomings? The good news is that you are not alone and many others have developed proactive solutions to these problems. This session will review many of them.

This seminar will cover: What the customer expects when things go wrong; How to manage the customer’s experience; How to deliver great customer service on the telephone; Tips for calming upset customers. We will also cover The Top 10 Common Mistakes Front Line Staff Make With Customers (and what you can do to prevent them).


Learning To Work Difficult People!

As troublesome as conflicts can be to confront from time to time, they are invaluable in identifying issues in need of resolution. Most problems result not from the conflict itself, but from the way they’re handled. It takes capable people to recognize conflicts before they become unmanageable and avoid or neutralize it in a preemptive fashion. Being able to analyze and manage such interactions is an essential skill when dealing with people.

This seminar will cover: Types of conflicts; 11 Types of difficult people; How to give positive feedback; and Ways to resolve, reduce, and avoid conflicts.


Problem Solving For Front Line Telephone Staff

The telephone is a necessity and a convenience for almost any business or organization. But it can also be handicap. It limits the effective use of facial expressions, gestures, and other body language to facilitate understanding. We often overlook the fact that using the phone to deal with complex or stressful matters requires more, not less, effort. And you are at a severe disadvantage in presenting a compelling case under these circumstances. This workshop will help you compensate for the inherent handicap built into communication by phone.

This seminar will cover: Problem solving tips for phone staff; Getting through to anyone on the phone; Creating and using scripts; Nailing down a deal on the phone; Handling objections: and more…


Authority As Well As Responsibility Must Be Shared!

Beware of spreading yourself too thin. There is only so much any group leader can do or say. Perhaps the biggest problem supervisors face is not delegating effectively. Delegation of authority (not merely responsibility!) is one of a leader’s most precious rights. Not only does it relieve you of the tension of multiple demands on your time, it also provides constructive use of people who, frequently, are waiting to be called into useful service.

This seminar will cover: When to delegate and when not to; Coaching and mentoring group members; How to delegate; Rules for effective delegation; How To challenge and support subordinates; Reasons why delegation fails; How To recognize people with potential; How to discipline effectively; 30 Tips on motivating people.

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CUSTOM SOLUTIONS can be designed to address issues of particular concern to your organization. Click here to share your vision, thoughts or concerns.

  Training Manual  

Basic Training For Leaders Training Manual

This is a hands-on, easy-to-read user's guide to mastering the skills of leadership. Ideal for workshop or independent study.

Covering such topics as:

  • Planning/Goal Setting
  • Meeting Management
  • Chairing a Committee
  • Team Building
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Preparing/Giving a Speech
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • 125 pages.

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